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Women and Self-defense Handguns


Women and Self-defense Handguns


            More women than ever are exercising their God-given right to self-defense as protected by the Second Amendment of our Constitution from government infringement. Too often though the women that choose to purchase and carry firearms are left to the mercy of “sales people” or the misinformation of anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign, which I refer to as the “Brady Bunch” due to their comical ignorance of real defensive firearms SAFETY issues. A clear example of this was their desire to endanger the lives of thousands of children in Washington DC following the DC v. Heller Supreme Court decision, where the Brady Bunch encouraged Washington DC to only allow revolvers in the home for self-defense and not semi-auto pistols, which brings us to the entire point of this article.


            When most women walk into a retail firearms store they know little about firearms except what the sales person tells them and that person is only thinking about pleasing the customer. So pistols and revolvers are placed on the counter and most often the woman chooses the revolver, because it is always loaded (no magazines or racking of a slide), yet in contrast to the Brady Bunch and other firearms ignorant gun control groups, who are so bias against semi-automatic pistols, in my expert opinion it is exactly the detachable magazine, the slide action and the modern safeties on semi-automatic pistols that make them the ONLY safe choice for women with children and grandchildren.


            Anti-gun groups like statistics such as “16,000 children accidentally killed by firearms each year.” If you include all persons to age twenty-one killed by drug and gang violence (not by accident) those statistics may be true. Actually more children drown in swimming pools each year than are truthfully accidentally killed or wounded by firearms. Though if even one child is killed or wounded it is too many and a preventable tragedy that for some reason isn’t important to the Brady Bunch and the political agenda of the anti-gunners or they would seek to ban self-defense revolvers and be the proponents of semi-automatic pistols. Revolvers account for most children who are accidentally shot. Loaded (a round in the chamber) Glock pistols with a trigger safety have put the children of law enforcement officers at risk too, seeing that police tend to carry with chambered rounds and sometimes forget to unload at home.


            Very few revolvers have safety features. Some have internal hammers with cumbersome locks. Some have external safeties, but most have no safety and most are double-action (the hammer does not need to be manually cocked, the trigger pull operates the hammer, etc.) and when loaded are always ready to fire. When a child finds a loaded revolver in a drawer or purse tragedy is at the door. So why do women prefer revolvers if they are tragedy in waiting for children? For the very reasons that they are dangerous to children, specifically they are always loaded and you just need to pull the trigger, no magazines to load or slides to rack.


            Most women have less hand and arm strength and find it more difficult to grasp a pistol slide and rack it, but think about it, that means that most children find it equally as difficult or impossible. A carry pistol can be carried with one in the chamber and except for Glock pistols have a side clip safety, which gives some security against accidental discharge. When not being carried they can be easily unloaded and reloaded when carrying. Any woman can learn how to rack the slide. For the mother or grandmother with small children around the magazine fed semi-automatic pistol is the only truly safe self-defense weapon. Glock pistols are not recommended due to their trigger safety, which makes them ready to fire whenever a round is in the chamber. If you are a woman with children or grandchildren take this article to a firearms store and have them show you what I mean. It will also help them to stop being “sales people” and to really begin to grasp the issue of women with children and firearms and maybe keep government from needing to continue to make uninformed ignorant agenda-driven laws to “protect children;” as exampled by Washington DC and the Brady Bunch post-Heller.


Steven Mullenix owns Security Solutions Inc. and is a manufacturer and importer of weapons for Law-Enforcement.



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