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Of Legal and Political Importance

                      The BATFE Firearms Technology Branch has determined that the BD44 German semi-auto MP44 is NOT importable. So freedom and the 2nd Amendment is denied American military rifle collectors and reenactors again.

   We have served the BATFE FTB and the Attorney General with summons to the U.S. District Court Eastern North Carolina District challenging their interpretation of 18 USC 925(d)(3) as arbitrary.

    Ruling Note: The Judge (A Bush Appointee?!) The less than honorable Judge Dever in his ruling, not only ignored altogether my pleadings that the "sporting purposes language was not constitutional" seeing that "defence" was a legitimate constitutionally protected right, but after I showed clear evidence that the ATF arbitrarily selected features and condemned them as "non-sporting" in opposition to clear facts (i.e. that there are a larger percentage of sporting rounds that are less than 2.25 inches in length than actual military rounds, proving that such a ruling is arbitrary and not based on fact) the judge basically said that "the ATF can choose its own experts." So if the U.S. government has three experts who say the world is flat, even against clear evidence to the contrary, according to Judge Dever the world must be flat! What an idiot! So goes justice and our constitution! All power to government and the people can just suck it up! Thank you FDR!   

        In discovery I was given two documents both larger than all Federal firearms code put together. They interpret one line in federal firearms code, "generally recognized as particularly suitable and adaptable to sporting purposes." They are “(1989) Report and Recommendation of the ATF Working Group on the Importability of Certain Semiautomatic Rifles,” and “(1998) Department of The Treasury Study On The Sporting Suitability Of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles.” 
        These documents are so full of fact manipulation and lies and deceit that they make my case. I am demanding from the DOJ, ATF, and Congress a full investigation. I cannot understand why the NRA has never taken these documents on. The only thing they are right about is bayonet lugs:

Note: Just in a quick reading of the introduction to the 1989 report, not only is there a total avoidance of Congressional record to the "military surplus" exclusion in 18 USC 925(d)(3) there are several provably non-factual assertions presented as firearms facts that make up the still in use criteria for denying the importation of firearms such as the BD44:

        On page 6 1. a. The assertion is made that detachable magazines are “intended to provide the soldier with a fairly large ammunition supply” and that sporting detachable magazines are small-capacity. The Report totally ignores the safety fact that detachable magazines were developed for the easy and safe loading and unloading of the firearm  (See Lee-Remington 1879) as compared to centerfire rounds in tubular magazines and in-body magazines both needing to be unloaded by cycling each round through the action, and for sporting purposes (See Winchester firearms history: Winchester 1903/05 self-loader and the FIRST high-capacity magazine in the world, which was developed with the sporting market in mind) and originally adapted to military firearms for that same unloading reason (See Lee-Metford rifle). They further avoid revealing that any detachable system can easily have a high-capacity magazines produced to feed it and that small-capacity magazines could also be produced for any detachable system (lets say an AKS47) for sporting reasons (varmint hunting). A detachable magazine of any capacity is not a military feature, but a safety feature produced for sporting rifles in the latter 1800s. No firearm therefore with a detachable safety loading and unload system should be denied because high-capacity magazines can easily be produced for any of them. If the government doesn't like high-capacity magazines they can ban them honestly without this red faced lie 

       On page 7. 1. b. Folding and telescopic stocks. There is no predominating military advantage to portability that does not also exist for hunters (i.e. Only in American movies do German soldiers fire a MP38 or MP40 with the stock folded. Please produce a photographic example from WWII of any German soldier firing such a weapon without the stock extended and on the soldier’s shoulder. Show me training for U.S. M4s that ever suggests that the weapon should be fired in the collapsed position). The only time even the military might fire a folding stock or telescopic stock weapon in a collapsed position is for suppressive fire if ambushed in a non-alert status and only until a defenceable position could be established. That is just total manipulative factless garbage! 

       On page 7. 1. c. The assertion that pistol grips are a military feature. They were developed for sporting rifles “C” stock (pistol grip stock) to produce a gripping spot and subsequently better trigger control on hunting rifles. The U.S. military adopted them in the M1903 Match rifle and then adopted them for the M1 Garand rifle because they allowed safer more reliable weapon control in semi-auto fire. The French Chau Chau and the American Thompson 1927 were early designs that utilized this weapon control safty feature. The Germans defined this feature in the MP38 and MP44 designs. They are simply a safety weapon control feature that all semi-auto rifles should be mandated by law to have as a safety feature. Although a weapon with a pistol grip my be fired one-handed (without any targeting control, so who would want to), for the ATF to assert that that was or is ever the intent in any way for those weapons having such a feature is a totally deceptive lie. Any weapon can be more firmly held and more safely fired and controlled with a full pistol grip. That is the only reason they were and are and ever will be used. No military in the world views the grips with that one-handed idea as presented in this report. Soldiers are trained to fire pistol grip weapons with two hands. These so-called ATF experts should have spend more time at military training facilities and less time watching Hollywood unreal movies like Rambo! 

       On page 7. 1. e. The assertion that flash suppressors were developed to conceal the shooter is a total guess falsehood and in fact there is still a smaller but visible flash, which can be seen by the enemy. The real reason is not even in the report! It was developed to reduce night blindness (the blue spot that appears when you see light in the dark) in the shooter (see WWI Vickers MG and night firing). The suggestion that a flash suppressor has ANY natural compensator qualities without such a specific design added is an absolute falsehood (The AR15 and other later weapons combine flash suppression and compensation). Further any American who has ever fired a 1994-2004 Post-ban AR15 during the day know that the flash without a flash suppressor is excessive and my be harmful to the eyes and so they should be mandated on all semiauto weapons as a safety feature. When though have the Constitution hating Liberal Democrats and the Brady Bunch ever concerned themselves with the safety of the shooter? They are only interested in one thing banning all guns and especially semiautos, even through BATFE political hack lies and deceit.

        On page 8. 1. f.
Bipods a military feature. A pure falsehood! Sporting rifles were and are not sold with bipods only because some shooters don’t rest their weapons and don’t appreciate the extra weight on the fore end. A bipod is neither military or nonmilitary and it is an application feature and not all military weapons have the feature. To suggest that a bipod is a specific military feature is beyond a stretch to even list it in the report. Yet the whole report is beyond a stretch! 

       On page 8 2. “Semi-automatic version of a machinegun (copy doctrine).” “What came first the chicken or the egg?” Stoner developed the AR15 rifle in semi-auto before the M16 in select-fire. The M14 select-fire was developed from the semi-auto M1 Garand. The M2 select-fire Carbine was developed from the M1 semi-auto Carbine. The select-fire FAL was designed from several semi-auto designs. Almost all hunting rifles today are direct copies of the 1898 Mauser designed for military bolt rifle. A semiauto is not a select-fire NFA military weapon simply because it may be a copy of a military design. The inch pattern L1A1 and SA80 British service semi-autos should be purely “excluded military surplus rifles” under the statute (see 18 USC 925(d)(3)) even though metric patterns are mostly select-fire. Why does the way a weapon looks or the design it copies automatically make it “military” and “nonsporting” just because it has a military cousin? Ban every bolt action Mauser rifle as non-sporting because they were developed originally for military use. Show me any country that has adopted a semi-auto only AK47 as a military weapon. The AKS47 is NOT a military weapon, nor were AKS47s ever produced for any military market! This manipulative reasoning says that virtually every bolt hunting rifle in the world should be nonimportable to the U.S. simply because they are direct copies of the 1898 Mauser military action. Do you know how many hunting rifle rounds exist in the world that are 2.25” or less in length. Just get a copy of “Cartridges of the World” and do some research. THIS STANDARD IS BEYOND STUPID IT IS INSANE TO ANY THINKING PERSON AND THE ATF IS EITHER OUT-OF-CONTROL OR THINKS THAT AMERICANS ARE TOTALLY STUPID AND I FOR ONE AM TOTALLY OFFENDED BY THE FRAUD.

           In Conclusion it is totally unbecoming any free and just society to perpetrate such a total factless manipulation as these documents present as any proper interpretation of law. Firearms have now for almost twenty years been denied lawful entry into this country based on this administrative lie and I DEMAND an investigation! This is not about politics it is about The Right, Fairness, Justice, and laws interpreted by “Generally Recognized” Fact, not Bias and Fiction!







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