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Law Enforcement / NFA

   Yours truly with a standard Class II Security Solutions M4A1 with upper rail and removeable carry handle.

 All weapons are built on Vulcan Arms receivers (choose alloy or new carbon), unless you request another manufacturer and contain all US manufactured military spec. parts. The barrels are from various quality US suppliers and military contractors and are corrosion resistant chrome lined 1in9 twist (for stability with both 55gr. and 62gr. bullets). 1in7 twist or National Match 1in8 twist also available. 

There are three basic M4 configurations available:
M4A1 Class II select-fire with 11 inch or 14.5 inch barrel and standard handguard $1,200 each.LE only.
2.M4A1 semi-auto only with all M16 parts except receiver (for easy future conversion) and NFA short barrel (11" or 14.5") and standard handguard $1,100 each. LE only
3.M4A1 semi-auto only with 16.5 inch barrel and standard M4 handguard GCA $1,000 each. Street legal

We also build any AR15/M16 configuration with 20 inch HBAR or stainless barrel. Whatever you need; email for price:

We can provide Aimpoint, Trijicon, EOTech, etc. scopes and virtually any backup sight, plus quad rail handguards and pistol grips, pressure switch lights, etc. at additional costs. Whatever your LE weapon system needs are we can design a weapon that's perfect.

We also provide complete gunsmithing services.

Contact: Steven Mullenix at 252-257-2046 or email me at

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